Welcome to the Hack+Policy Foundation's Careers page! If you want to get involved in what we do and help out, then you're in the right place. But, what exactly is it that we do here?

If you're passionate about bringing together the fields of STEAM and the humanities, we'd love to chat. We're currently hiring the following roles:

Open Positions

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process is fairly simple and straightforward!

First, take a look at our Position Board.

After you've decided which position you think you can contribute the most to, it's time to start filling in the application form. There's only one form you'd need to fill out regardless of which position you're applying for.

Next, the application.

In the application, it's important that you take your time with it and more importantly, make sure you're being genuine. We'll be interviewing applicants based on how well we believe they fit the bill with regards to their position, so if you think that you're truly the best fit for the position, then being genuine is the best way to go about moving on to the next stage.

An interview 👀

Following a detailed review of your application, if we find you to be a good fit, then you'll be invited to an interview. All interviews will be held virtually so that we can make scheduling as easy as possible for both parties.

Although we call it an interview, try to think of it more as a "structured conversation." We want to avoid interviews with cookie-cutter responses. We have the interviews to get to know the applicants better and to see whether or not we'd like to welcome you to the team, so it's best to avoid all the fluff.

Get ready!

After you've given your interview, we'll get back to you and let you know whether or not you've been selected or not. If you were, welcome to the team! After we get you all setup with all the necessary accounts, you'll have your onboarding session and get to meet the rest of the team.

We look forward to working with you! You can start the application here.

Application FAQs: